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Train & Educate

“Design appeases the visual perception and emotion. Should any aspect interfere with this dynamic our health will be affected.” Excellent health is within every persons reach.

Body & Mind

The Science of human dynamics and nature enhancing full potential. Through training a unique yet effective method of treatment that has been accoladed through time.

Education & Co

Collaborations both nationally and internationally facilitates instructor, student or elementary upgrade access. Each group bring their own expertise and skills to assist this co-lab.

Travel & Experience

China and Mauritius have teachers of repute through personal introductions as well as choice of activities. Exposure to reputable training, activity and sightseeing.

It works, it gets results, is as old as time immemorial, it’s simple, non invasive, non denominational, easy to do and accessible.

Kung Fu/Wushu aka Chinese martial arts can be trained as a Sport or Therapy in Exercise. Train as a student as well as instructor. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine,TCM, incl. acupuncture, tuina, cupping, herbs etc. to analyze health problems.


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