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Artist, creative or collector's dream.
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A tattoo artist, client or collector's dream collection. Reference materials to assist any budding tattoo studio, artist, or client wishing to get their head wrapped around operating a tattoo studio or having a tattoo.

Tattoos were once considered counter-cultural in America. People branded themselves with tattoos to mark themselves as different and to challenge the societal status quo.

Today, however, body art is a part of mainstream American culture.

  • Got Ink? Tattoo eBook!
  • Tattoo Designs & Care (ebook)
  • Tattoo Collection 1 of 2 (Tatuajes, Pintura Corporal Y Piercings)
  • Tattoo Collection 2 of 2 (Tatuajes, pintura corporal y piercings)
  • 100's of ideas, ink templates ready to ink. e-book
  • Templates & Stencils covering all topics
  • Dragons Designs
  • Tribe Designs
  • Kanji Designs
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