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Steam Silk Hair Mask


Steam Silk Hair Mask 13534

No 1 Korean product for damaged hair without the huge salon bill!

Provides nutrition, elasticity, moisture and softness to damaged hair.

DIY For really damaged hair from dye and processing. It heats up into a mini hair steam bath.

All natural. Buy 1 to try before buying the pack.

Shampoo hair lightly towel dry and place cap on head.

Seal cap on head with attached tape. Massage hair and scalp while cap is on head.

Leave it to settle for 10 - 15 minutes and rinse.


R135 In stock
Steam Silk Hair Mask Steam Silk Hair Mask Steam Silk Hair Mask

Check shoe size!

A brief History. Feiyue originated in Shangai, China as a shoe company founded in 1920.  Feiyue got their start making shoes for martial artists. Their shoes and brand caught an edge in the general market. In 2006 Feiyue sold their design to a French company who made some design changes. Today both the French and Chinese company operate independently of each other producing slightly different shoes. Overall the Chinese versions are designed as martial arts shoes,

Measure Shoe Size: Note to measure whilst standing firmly on both feet. Best to get a friend to assist. Measure the furthest back of heal toward the furthest front of large toe. Ensure a comfortable space when measuring the final measure. Shoe image is 47 / 28.5cm or 285mm.

Sizes: Our tiniest is UK35 / 225mm /22.5cm up until our largest UK47 / 285mm/28.5cm.

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