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Qigong, TCM Talk & Meal


Qigong, TCM Talk & Meal 13571

Welcome to the start of a series of lectures on Food, Fitness, and Lifestyle with special guests and experts within these fields. We are honored to start the introduction while our Chinese guests are in Cape Town. A few clients and patients asked for a simpler more accessible way to understand the “mysteries” of Chinese medicine, philosophy, cuisine, and exercise as therapy, fitness, and overall wellness.

Join us for a meal and talk with International Health Qigong Federation IHQF, Beijing China.

Speaker: Dr. Chen Chang Le from Shanghai Qigong Research Institute and doctor of TCM & Acupuncture. (credentials below)

Date: 26 May Sunday @ 6.00pm TCM, Qigong Talk & Meal

Place: Tao Yuan Chinese Restaurant Main Rd Sea Point. Booking essential.


Dr. Chen Changle - Credentials
Male, Ph.D., Deputy Chief Physician, Master Tutor, Health Qigong 7th, Executive Director of China Medical Qigong Society, Minister of Propaganda Department, Executive Director of World Medical Qigong Society, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Health Qigong Association. Bachelor degree in acupuncture and moxibustion from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine; Master degree in neurology from Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Medicine; Ph.D. Director of Qigong Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Has long been engaged in acupuncture clinical, undergraduate teaching, has a wealth of clinical experience and solid theoretical foundation of Chinese medicine. It is able to combine qigong with traditional Chinese medicine theory and effectively serve health and medical services. Health Qigong • Ba Duan Jin created a member, Health Qigong • Mingmugong editorial member, presided over 31 subjects at all levels, published academic papers, nearly 100 articles in popular science. His main works: "Chinese Traditional Classic Health Preservation - Relaxation" (English-Chinese), "Illustrated Techniques, Self-healing Health", "Extreme Qigong Exercises in Shanghai", "Chinese Medical Qigong Society Recommended Practice First" Set" (General, Relaxation)

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Qigong, TCM Talk & Meal Qigong, TCM Talk & Meal

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