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A'PIEU - Super Protein Steam Hair Cap 1pc


A'PIEU - Super Protein Steam Hair Cap 1pc 00054

A'PIEU - Super Protein Steam Hair Cap 1pc

Steam Care: Containing 10 kinds of protein elastic complex and Vegetable Oils. Milk, Wheat, Collagen, Green beans and oat extracts contained. Metalizing Film Hair Cap: Steam Effect: Deep-absorbing. How to Use
1. After shampoo, dry your hairs with a towel. And wear 'A'PIEU Super Protein Steam Hair Cap' on your whole hairs.
2. Fix this cap with the adhesive tape of the cap to your head size.
3. Gently massage with fingertips for 10~15 mins.
4. Rinse your hairs with lukewarm water. And then dry well.
Net Weight: 1 cap = 30 g
  • Gets rid of oily scalps problem and gives moisture to your hair.
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    A'PIEU - Super Protein Steam Hair Cap 1pc

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