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5 Day Qigong Workshop


5 Day Qigong Workshop 13572

International Health Qigong Workshop in Cape Town

Included in cost - *IHQF certificate on completion of each form. Training tee shirt. Official Dinner, 24 hours international training.

Experience the benefits of Asian Health and Wellness through the Art of Health Qigong.

Date: 23 - 27 May - 5 days

Venue: 133 Bree Street Cape Town at International Kim Loong Wushu Centre

Website: http://www.kimloong.co.za/


Welcome novice and experienced players. *IHQF certificate on completion of each form.

Welcome the Delegation:

Professor Li Zheng En from Xi'an Sports Institute

Dr. Chen Chang Le from Shanghai Qigong Research Institute

Mr. Zhang De Ming from Chinese Health Qigong Association

Training days

23 May Thursday 4pm - 8pm Part 1 Yi Jing Jin 4hrs

24 May Friday 4pm - 8pm Part 2 - Yi Jing Jin 4hrs

25 May Saturday 8am - 4pm Dao yinyangsheng shier fa 8hrs

25 May Saturday 6.30pm Official Dinner 2hrs

26 May Sunday 8am - 12pm Part 1 - Wu Qin Xi 4hrs (do not forget the Sunday Talk - book to attend)

27 May Monday 4pm - 8pm Part 2 - Wu Qin Xi 4hrs

Forms taught - Yi Jing Jin (sinew changing form), Wu Qin Xi (5 animal form), Dao yinyang sheng shier fa (12-Step Daoyin Health Preservation form)

In association with Int. Kim Loong Wushu center Cape Town South Africa and *International Health Qigong Federation IHQF, Beijing China.

Qigong defines the art of healing and defense found within the study of Chinese Martial Arts/Kung Fu/Wushu. The study and refining of the Art; found in calming the mind, regulating the body structure as well as regulating the breath.

Early Booking Special - 5 days all inclusive.

R1300 In stock
Tee Shirt Size
5 Day Qigong Workshop 5 Day Qigong Workshop 5 Day Qigong Workshop 5 Day Qigong Workshop 5 Day Qigong Workshop

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