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Health Qigong Workshop - 5 Animals (Wu Qin Xi)

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5 Animals (Wu Qin Xi) Health Qigong Workshop in Cape Town

Experience the benefits of Asian Health and Wellness through the Art of Health Qigong.

Venue: 133 Bree Street Cape Town at International Kim Loong Wushu Centre

Website: http://www.kimloong.co.za/

Date: 29 June 2019

Internationally Certified Coach:

Dr. Jeff Lan - 9th duan internationally certified wushu/ kung fu coach.

Training Timeslots: Morning 8am - 12pm &/or Afternoon 1.30pm - 5.30pm

Forms taught - Wu Qin Xi (5 animal form)

Credit: Participation Certification

In association with Int. Kim Loong Wushu center Cape Town South Africa, SA Health Qigong Association, *International Health Qigong Federation IHQF, Beijing China.

Qigong defines the art of healing and defense found within the study of Chinese Martial Arts/Kung Fu/Wushu. The study and refining of the Art; found in calming the mind, regulating the body structure as well as regulating the breath.

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