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5 Animals Sessions (Saturdays )


5 Animals Sessions (Saturdays ) 13574

Saturdays at 11.30am - Wu Xin Qi - 5 Animal Play ( Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey, Crane)

Coach Amanda Lan's specialty is Woman's Qigong but is multi faceted in this sector

World Qigong Day - Preparation & Build up to the day 14 Sept 2019
  • Do not know what Qigong is?
  • Totally clueless yet interested?
  • Join us as we explore Qigong.
  • Be relevant by knowing what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing.
  • One day a year holds no water; learn daily health activation ideas.
  • We will try to answer all your questions and show you how to get your mind, body and time management
  • Join the trend and newest craze hitting the health scene.
  • Learn the routine - Wu Xin Qi - 5 Animal Play ( Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey, Crane)
  • Join us every Saturday as we prepare you to learn the form and dance the dance of the 5 animal play

How to start.

  1. Start by doing a Free trial class on a Monday or Wednesday or
  2. Sign up for a few casual sessions or
  3. Choose a 3,6,12 monthly packages
  4. Benefit with constant training updates.
  5. Earn international qualifications

Choose the days to train.

  1. We offer weekly classes and workshops catering to both the novice and the expert.
  2. Weekly classes are run on a rotating cycle of 1 routine/form per month.
  3. Saturday classes cover the 5 animal play form; are pre-booked and are 1hr 30 minutes per session.
  4. Workshops & seminars are intensive 8-hour sessions which may be split into 2 sessions of 4 hours each.

Join us as we join the world Qigong fraternity on the 14 September 2019 @ 10am for World Health Qigong Day

  1. Complete the form and get a Free SA Health Qigong tee shirt for the final day.
  2. Video and media coverage will be done as part of the build up and on the event date.

Coach: Amanda Lan (30 years experience in Chinese martial arts with a specialty in woman's health qigong)

Organizers: Int. Kim Loong Wushu Centre & the South African Health Qigong Association

Join us on a few or all the days listed. We start yesterday as there is no best or good day.

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5 Animals Sessions (Saturdays ) 5 Animals Sessions (Saturdays )

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