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Prevention is better than the cure. The daily chase exhilarates and validates our existence; the same intensity consumes our vitality and mental wellbeing; contributing to the majority of social ills and dis-ease.

Many factors influence our ability to be Zen; products and services on offer can empower and move you into spaces never thought possible. Enjoy the journey

Self-Care Eating

1MindBodyFitness is a how to live your best life concept.

Why Do People Fail On A Vegan Diet,

While Others Succeed?

Samantha and Laura, both 41-year-old moms with two kids, decided to switch to a vegan diet for 1 month.

After just 1 week, Laura shed 2 pounds by sticking to the program.

But on week 2, after a night out with friends, she ate a chicken kebab and it was all over from there.

Online Self-Care Training 

Access to online Tai Chi & Qigong.

Preserve health is a 360 degrees of action. Survival is the ultimate impetus of life. “To heal another; one needs to heal the self first.” Not all exercises or sports have a powerful effect on the health of our internal body.
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The Vegan Challenge Review

If you’ve eaten meat your whole life, switching to a vegetarian diet might be something that could be difficult to switch to. You might also wonder why you should even consider switching. Many people figure that they have been eating this way their whole, life so why...

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A singular point manifested throughout multiple actions to grasp a singular manifestation.Time For SelfFinding time for Self. A singular point manifested throughout multiple actions to grasp a singular manifestation. Find that inner thread that suspends, centers and...

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