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A Minimalistic Approach To Preserve, Care For & Maintain Wellness Simplistically.


Unravel The Complex To Activate Wellness & Self-Care. Achievable Vitality & Longevity For All

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Overcome the Sedentary Lifestyle and Enjoy Our Health and Fitness Programs.

Mapping The Science Of Qigong & Tai Chi

This book is a simple guide to learning the fundamentals of Qigong and/or Tai Chi.

One Step At A Time, We Have The Ability To Change The Future.

Small adjustments can assist us to reduce our living and environmental impact.

Our life, and life itself, is a physically consumptive process.

Finding solutions to make our way of life and the planet’s resources survive as long as possible, is what sustainable living demands.

Stop Chasing

Map Me Healthy

Many factors influence our ability to be Zen; products and services on offer can empower and move you into spaces never thought possible.

Prevention is better than the cure. The daily chase exhilarates and validates our existence; the same intensity consumes our vitality and mental wellbeing; contributing to the majority of social ills and dis-ease.

Enjoy the journey. Explore some freebies to get you going by clicking on the image or visit our Store. You might be beautifully surprised.


Mapping The Science of Qigong & Tai Chi

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5 Elements Qigong

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Looking to solve an ongoing problem, develop new habits, or manage your health?

Looking to solve an ongoing problem, develop new habits, or manage your health?
Overcome the Sedentary Lifestyle and Enjoy Our Health and Fitness Programs. Benefits are easily integrated, alongside instant and immediate result-driven yet obtainable longevity and health. Visit our courses and events.

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Share Your Compassion

Become A Coach

Giving back socially is a simple action. Firstly; fair pricing of our products and services allows for interactive Give-Back action. Secondly, our partnership with the Health Qigong Program assists public Self-Care where it is needed most; Community.

Our Give Back Project provides mentored and accredited National Health Qigong Coach on completion of the program. Granted 1-year access to online portal coach’s course. A 1-year SA Health Qigong Association membership and access.

Your obligations are;
• Must be actively participating in a community initiative or program that has been in operation for at least 2 – 3 months.
• Can show us the work you’ve done and are currently working on, as well as a comprehensive vision for the project’s future. To be included in your Motivation Letter or Video.
• The main focus will be on formerly disenfranchised women and youth, but other interested individuals will not be excluded.
• The alternative option to become a donor and benefit accordingly; will be reviewed for inclusion into the program; on a case-by-case basis.
• Individual merit will be considered for each application, etc.
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Coach Training

Become A Coach

Become a Tai Chi or Qigong Coach!

Educate, motivate, and encourage others on their goal of Self Care and Longevity.

We don’t train you on how to instruct! We amplify your skills and ability to teach.

As you progress in your learning, awareness, and awakening of abilities, we teach you how to learn, amplify and integrate both skills and abilities.

Come and join us in achieving your goal to become a teacher.

Programs offered are presented as a lesson series; from exercises, lectures, and tools for self-healing, stress reduction, energy enhancement, emotional balance, vitality, longevity, and spiritual insight.

The program’s common thread is to teach the theory and practice of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine.

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