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Prevention is better than the cure. The daily chase exhilarates and validates our existence; the same intensity consumes our vitality and mental wellbeing; contributing to the majority of social ills and dis-ease.

Many factors influence our ability to be Zen; products and services on offer can empower and move you into spaces never thought possible. Enjoy the journey

Online Self-CareĀ 

1MindBodyFitness is Live for online training.
mind body fitness

The Daily Slow

Elevate longevity and the understanding of balance through food wellness and fitness. Amplify living in the moment, as well as improve upon and maintain the self through access to applied information.

1 Mind Body Fitness

A martial art based concept that combines body movement, mental focus, and controlled breathing to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health.

Free Start Up initiatives – Click Images For Access.

Everyone deserves a start in life. Our years of online presence has resulted in the best tools out there. We are sharing for free.

Publish your own videos online totally encrypted without compromise of theft.


Feiyue DaFu

Sudden price changes explained. Changing the way we do business. Bespoke services for Feiyue DaFu brand.Thank YouCourier prices have surged dramatically and has affected all international trade due to the cohvid pandemic and of course; USA-China trade issues;...


A singular point manifested throughout multiple actions to grasp a singular manifestation.Time For SelfFinding time for Self. A singular point manifested throughout multiple actions to grasp a singular manifestation. Find that inner thread that suspends, centers and...

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