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Giving back socially is a simple action. Firstly; fair pricing of our products and services allow for interactive Give-Back action. Secondly, our partnership with the Health Qigong Program assisting public Self-Care where it is needed most; Community.




Why This Program?

Vitality as a health option sadly evades the majority. The general public is fairly familiar with Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Yet, very little is known about the self-assist vitality and health systems found within these practices.

Empowering the public with the tools for self-healing, stress reduction, energy enhancement, emotional balance, vitality, longevity, and spiritual insight.

In one phrase, this program teaches the theory and practice of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine.

The common focus; that of Self-Care Longevity and the ability to awaken dormant human health and healing potential.

Self-care is a very active and powerful choice; by engaging in activities that require us to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health and longevity.

As a teacher, student or coach overall health includes not just the physical, but the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components of an individual’s well-being.

Relaxation Response (Qigong) cuts health care costs. Harvard Team Finds 43% Reduction in Use of Health Care Services via Mind-Body Intervention. The study reveals how mind-body medicine could cut health care costs. The understated title of the open-access article at PLoS from a Harvard University–Benson-Henry Institute mind-body team is “Relaxation Response and Resiliency Training and Its Effect on Healthcare Resource Utilization.”

Harvard University–Benson-Henry Institute mind-body team

Why This Partnership?

The combined knowledge and experience say it all. We needed a partner with years of experience and versatility; also having been involved locally and within this sector of expertise since the ’80s account for perseverance and familiar community concerns.

Besides having a Chinese medicine doctor in the house; Dr. Jeff Lan. And; are able to facilitate and adapt to each client’s needs. Understanding that teaching to a group does not mean everyone learns the same; adjusting to each individual needs is a unique ability and exactly what is needed.

Qigong; the study of health and vitality. Refining these principles underpin the ability to calm the mind, regulate and improve the body structure as well as improve, regulate health and vitality. These factors have assisted many communities worldwide throughout the ages.

Personal self care or wishing to teach

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