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Strong Tendon Muscle Qigong

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Your coach Amanda Lan – 4th Dan Health Qigong Technical Degree Certified Instructor

Health Qigong routine; this is one of four sets we practice. Try for free on our online courses to familiarise yourself with the routine it helps to learn efficiently.

Tendon Muscle Strengthening Qigong Exercises is based on Chinese medicine theories within martial art applications. This specific routine is famous among the Shaolin monks when practicing the mergence of martial arts such as strengthening the bones, tendons, muscle, and sinews; effective for healing, energy work, and martial applications.

Did You Know?
Qigong as a therapy exercise is over 3000 years old; as shown on unearthed ancient paintings and pottery depicting the Qigong movements.

Origins researched among famous Chinese medicine contributors over these decades have proven its efficacy among thousands of practitioners and players living in China and the world to date.

Qigong as therapy is similar to Acupuncture treatment; as both utilise the same theoretical knowledge and philosophy to acquire 360 health and wellness.

There are Two ways of practicing Qi Gong

Dong Gong is an active technique. It involves movements relating to acupuncture points and channels and strengthens the internal organs. This is also found in the practice of Tai Chi Quan but in Tai Chi, one has to sink the Qi into the lower Dantian as well.

Jing Qi Gong is a passive technique like Yin and Yang. It consists of any kind of meditation – sitting, lying, or standing – which helps us to cultivate energy and store the Qi in the DanTian. It works on the internal body and clears the mind (to gain calmness and clarity )

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2022-06-11 @ 09:00 AM to
2022-06-18 @ 01:00 PM

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