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Six Healing Sounds Qigong

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Your coach Amanda Lan – 4th Dan Health Qigong Technical Degree Certified Instructor

Health Qigong routine; this is one of four sets we practice. Try for free on our online courses to familiarise yourself with the routine it helps to learn efficiently.


Liu Zi Jue has a unique set of special mouth forms to regulate and control the rise and fall of Qi inside the body and related inhalation and exhalation. By means of the breathing and pronunciation methods from XU, HE, HU, SI, CHUI & XI, it is unique in balancing the energy and the functions of the inner organs.

The theoretical basis of Liu Zi Jue is in line with the ancient theories intrinsic to TCM of the five elements – METAL, WOOD, WATER, FIRE & EARTH, and five solid viscera – HEART, LIVER, SPLEEN, LUNGS & KIDNEYS. They tend to be on common ground on such issues as mouth forms and pronunciation methods and the direction of body movements and mind follow the inner circulation law of the meridians of TCM.

The correspondence between the sounds and the internal organs and the order of these sounds in practice. There are special relationships between the pronunciation and accompanying movements. The exercises are based on the pronunciation of the 6 sounds during exhalation with simple movements. The practice requires the mind to follow the circulation of Qi which goes with every stage of the movement to cultivate inner energy.

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2022-05-07 @ 09:00 AM to
2022-05-14 @ 01:00 PM

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