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Concept Design

Re seller, Service Provider, Developer/Designer. Cost efficiency, viability and expansion of concept. We access your assist.

An Idea

An idea or a concept starts with design origination in the form of a sketch or a layout. Certain steps are needed in order to arrive at a final concept.

Presentation Medium

Before a concept can move to a design. The point of arrival must be established. What do you envision. This dictates the course of design.

The Pattern

Design is a formatted pattern which dictates the steps needed to obtain a result. Breaking this pattern will make the result inconclusive or long winded.

The Formulae

This is the point of arrival. A perfectly executed formulae will result in a close to perfect result when completing the product, service or concept.

Time spent on a concept is often a neglected cost. A visionary sees the most cost efficient outcome of a product and determines the production thereof as a factor at the point of initiation process. Artist expression and cost management is crucial to this success.

Website Design & Interior Design

A philosophy of 3 second rule applies. Many debate that colour is not an issue we beg to differ. Colour is linked to emotion whihc triggers perseption through the eye of the viewer. It allows the client to linger or move on. Some of our sites www.kimloong.co.za and www.shaolincafe.com 

Interior design has the same rule that applies to colour. Once accomplished layout must be functional to each individual and is not a general idea. Most interior layouts should be personal and obtainable on a low or high budget. The effect should provide the client with basic emotional connect.

Cover Design & Layout

Publications, dvd covers, posters etc. are similar to website designing. You need to know the product, service and audience appeal. Once all are established then the design can be visualized. Most importantly your client is No1 when all is decided.

Pencil Sketch to Product

99% of clients do not visualise the end product. A scribble on a piece of paper must have an outcome. If you are taking the concept from sketch to point of sale then all points of action need to be considered, costings, time frames, selling price, etc.

Textile Print

Textile print effects differ according to substrate or print surface. Desired finish needs to be considered prior to designing the image. Different set of rules apply to a type of print and an embroidery design. Pros – Can be used on 99% fabrics and techniques are boundless. Cons – Very little can be against as technology has made this sector move way ahead of embroidery options.


Embroidery has a beautiful yet elegant finish if used correctly. Different set of rules apply to a print and an embroidery design. Pros – use of as many colours as possible. Looks expensive and lasts longer. Cons – Can costly if size and stitch is not kept in check. Limited to specific types of fabric.

You have a Concept & Unsure

We assist with cost efficiency, viability and expansion of product, service or concept. Do not let an important factor be neglected. This may cost you dearly. Do research prior as this helps a lot in eliminating costs.