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Frequently Asked

How can I order a pair of Feiyue shoes?
It is fairly simple! Visit the Feiyue page and check your size details. Once you have confirmed your choice and size then you proceed to make payment to pre-order for delivery to your door. Yes; we deliver anywhere in SA. Any questions feel free to email us for further assistance.
How do you exchange orders?
We assist clients with a bespoke ordering process. In other words, we take the hassle out of getting your orders delivered to you. We are unable to control your sizes and details etc. If you make a mistake with your size; color etc. this is on your account. Our service is to source and import on your behalf.
How can you reach out to us?
Everything you need to get hold of us is on this page. As much as we love using social media it takes up lots of time to reply on all these platforms. The best method is always via email.
How to place orders?
We have allocated links as well as an online store for your convenience. Please feel free to navigate our website as we have many lifestyle interests topics.
I am not in SA can I make purchases?
We assist local delivery in SA but we can offer you a link to purchase directly from our supplier to send to your part of the world. This is one of our amazing networks and collaborations. We are not limited by borders. All we do is make things interesting and accessible. Keep following us!

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501 classic feiyue dafu

Feiyue Shoes

Find more info on the green triangle and red dot styles; check your size.

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