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Feiyue Legend Competition

Closes 30 Oct 2019

Creative Revolution - 360 degrees

Creativity for the Afro-Asian Rising

Be Feiyue Legends

The era of the Afro/Asia Feiyue phenomena has arisen.


Check out the opportunity to be a Feiyue Legend.

Shhhh this is for the truly Creative with a little bit more than just being arty.

This is for the all-rounder with that larger than life ideas but never gets the opportunity to shine.

Prizes are large and awesome.

These are not freebies or handouts.

It’s an opportunity to be a self-made success.

Youthful ad-venture.

Monthly winnings with 2 final winners claiming the title of;



To those who visited and spoke to me about opportunities. This is your chance.

Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle & Fitness

Our lives would not be complete if we cannot find all our vices in one place.

Zendeezign is about finding that Zen moment, living the good life, looking good and allowing the spirit to soar with adventure and travel.



Feiyue Legends competition is an open platform for creative minds and innovators.

Be the next chapter of uniqueness in exploring Afro-Asian creative concepts.

We are searching for a Feiyue Legend.

A Feiyue legend knows their origins and they are not shy to advocate it.

They advocate their roots, their rising and their place on the African soil.

They set their own path.

They define their own futures.

They are authentic.

Prepare to be the next Feiyue Legend.

Are you that Feiyue Legend?

An open platform for true creativity. No agencies may enter. Motivate us with your own journey and how you are creatively inspired.

The winners must showcase a diverse well-rounded presentation that can expand across all platforms of media, graphics, video, etc. An all-encompassing showcase as only a Feiyue Legend can present.

Monthly prizes will go to individual presentations who encapsulate the concept resulting in the finalists being drawn from this pool of monthly winners.

The brand Feiyue is unique in its origins and its application.

It’s not a brand it’s a cult-ture. It has a loyal following within the Kung Fu fraternity.

Now it is moving into the fore as a cult fashion icon.

Be part of the creative movement that is already a big hit in Asia.

Competition Closes 30 October 2019

Feiyue Legends competition is an open platform for creative minds and innovators in South of Africa.

Be the next chapter of uniqueness.

We are searching for 2 Feiyue Legends.

One Junior Feiyue Legend 20 years and under and the other Senior Feiyue Legend 21 years and over.

To challenge the creative mindset of the jaded and the un-jaded creative.

2 Entry Categories

  1. Feiyue Legend Junior (under 20yrs)
  2. Feiyue Legend Senior (21yr and older)


Prizes up for grabs

Be Our Brand Ambassador

Feiyue shoes (from us)

Become a Kung Fu Legend at IKLWCenter (win training access)

Earn as a product re-seller

Earn with Tee Shirts (winning print designs)

Run & Showcase your own Brand at Shaolin Cafe Showroom



2 individuals will own the title as well as mentorship for 1 year.

There are 2 categories; Feiyue Junior for 20yrs and under and Feiyue Senior for 21yrs and over.

To win Feiyue Legend Status grants the opportunity to access creative acknowledgment and entrepreneurship.

The creative needs to aspire toward originality and validity.

By referencing the past they validate the present and recreate the future.

The medium used to express and execute is open to creative interpretation.

Each medium will be critiqued on its ability to be utilised across multi-faceted product, presentation, and digital medium.

Priority will be given to those who are able to embrace the full creativity spectrum.


In Mandarin ( you are aware that there is no such a language known as Chinese; right) the term Feiyue has a deeper meaning than; “fly forward”.

A better interpretation is; “to allow one’s spirit to soar”.

Then again; on the flip side of the coin. Mao Zedong, China, had a 5-year plan to rebuild its economy with one focus and one vision. And part of the vision was the birth of a dress code which favored no distraction and a part of this; was the shoe Feiyue.

There is also the influence of the Shaolin monk as an iconic figure of Kung Fu.

Today the Feiyue shoe is used in parkour, cross fit, capoeira, dance, and movement arts to name a few.

And now the fashion scene … and Afro-Asia.

So, with this said the same iconic shoe that has a cult following has a deeper meaning, histology, and purpose as time evolves.


Entries may be presented as a singular or group effort. Prizes will be allocated per group and not as individual entries in the latter case when prize allocation is awarded. To enter, complete all phases listed below to validate your entry application.

1. Medium for inspiration &

2. Personal message or motivation

3. Multi-media waiver

1. Medium For Inspiration

(Design inspired by the history or look of the shoe)

Creative (inclusive of all multi-medium of design, graphics, innovation, etc.)

Fashionable (any form of fashion design)

Movement Arts (martial arts, dance, etc.)


2. Personal Message or Motivation

(Choose epic footage, creative video presentation or mixed media to accompany your medium of inspiration)

30-sec video, clip

25 /30-page slideshow

3-minute mini movie

All presentations can be presented in a viewable format. Files formats – JPEG, PNG, PDF, AVI, MPEG.


Entries must include the listed items below. Failure to conform to the submission rules will immediatley eliminate your allpication from the comptition.


All file formats must be sent in any of the listed formats- JPEG, PNG, PDF, AVI, MPEG.

1. Medium for inspiration &

2. Personal message or motivation

3. Multi-media waiver

Multi-media Waiver

Entries will only be valid if a waiver between both parties is signed and submitted along with the entry. Under 18 years of age need to get a legal guardian to co-sign on their behalf.

Free File Send Link Access.