Application Information

You will be mentored and accredited as a Level 1 National Health Qigong Coach on completion of the program.
Granted 1-year access to our online portal coach’s course.
A 1-year SA Health Qigong Association membership and access.


We invite aspiring community wellness coaches 18 and older from South Africa to apply.

To Apply
The application process is very simple.

By 15th of May, 15th of July, and 15th of January email the following to

A link to your website


Motivation Letter 2 pages, PDF, PowerPoint, or Video under 10 minutes.

A CV, resume, or brief bio that includes your name, surname, age, language/s, etc.
NB: Failing to submit all required documents and media qualifies for immediate elimination and will not be reviewed.

Your obligations are;
• Must be actively participating in a community initiative or program that has been in operation for at least 2 – 3 months.
• Can show us the work you’ve done and are currently working on, as well as a comprehensive vision for the project’s future. To be included in your Motivation Letter or Video.
• The main focus will be on formerly disenfranchised women and youth, but other interested individuals will not be excluded.
• The alternative option to become a donor and benefit accordingly; will be reviewed for inclusion into the program; on a case-by-case basis.
• Individual merit will be considered for each application.
• Be at least 18 years old and able to travel to the venue at your own expense.
• The best Motivation candidate will receive the award.
• If you do not receive a nomination, you are welcome to apply again in subsequent cycles.
• 10 aspiring coaches will be assigned to each cycle.
• Each year, there are three cycles – 15th of May, 15th of July, and 15th of January
• Comply with all the stipulated entrance requirements and deadlines.
• Be available to train twice a week on Mondays (2 hours) and Saturdays (4 hours) for 3 months, or until the required hours are fulfilled.
• Be able to complete 15 hours of training.
• Have internet access on your phone, laptop, or desktop.
• Be able to pay for the certification and assessment of R500.
• Subscribe to our newsletter and visit our website;; regularly for updates.
• Post daily on your social media accounts regarding your training journey while promoting the sponsors: Shaolin Café, SA Health Qigong Association, 1MindBodyFitness, and IKLWCentre.
After your qualification, you commit to remain a member of the SA Health Qigong Association and maintain your training under IKLWCentre and SA Health Qigong Association.
You will be listed as a qualified coach nationally; under SA Health Qigong Association – SAHQA; and internationally under the International Health Qigong Federation – IHQF.
After one year, each candidate can re-apply to the program again or pay a reduced rate to receive higher merit; if under the stipulated 1-year period.
Generally, the option to obtain better merit can be applied for at a discounted fee; without waiting for the stipulated 1-year period.
Runners-up may apply again in a future coach training cycle.
In the event that they are unable to generate an income under the first year; the program fund will once again come into play.
If you are unable to fulfill your obligations; once enrolled, or complete the program once a participant; you will be unable to re-apply again.
Unless under extenuating circumstances are beyond control and we determine otherwise through peer review.

Donations are welcome to help the vision in growing this coach training cycle program so we can continue to support and fund the coaches’ important work, pay links below.

We notify each applicant of the results at the conclusion of our review process (approximately 1 week after each deadline), and we will display the name and work of each coach training cycle recipient, on our website and social media pages.

*Note: We only share the work of those who give us their permission.

If you have questions, contact us through our contact form or email. If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, you are invited to contact us at

In addition, you are welcome to donate to our cause. So that we may continue to support and fund the program.

We accept payment via: PayPal QR Code & Yoco South Africa

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