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Revitalise Longevity

The world has changed as we know it. If you have no prior experience . This is not a problem for us. Start simplistically and grow your skill and ability at your pace.

Health Qigong is easy to access toward learning any form of Qigong; from the old school classics to modern-day adaptations thereof.

It is well suited for individuals who struggle with finding a routine, have an overactive spirit, or mastering the combined action of meditation, breathwork, and technicalities associated.

Our uniqueness; besides over 30 years in Qigong practice? We take it a step further by applying the “old school” principles for profound therapy in action.

Activate Longevity

If you are watching this video, you more than likely wish to Be a certified Health Qigong Coach! Learn the lowdown & tricks on mindful action.

Discover more about how to become an internationally certified Health Qigong Coach

Wish to assist your community? Tired of all the training but feel depleted? Do you want to know how to revitalize and amplify your vitality?

Do you wish to teach wherever you travel? Go with the winning formula. Be and feel validated by; Be a certified Health Qigong Coach!

Start at the beginning regardless of experience, It is always beneficial to approach with the view that you would be teaching one day.

Always ask the question how well do you know the technicalities to teach it if required to do so. The SECRET is to practice daily and repeat until it sinks in. Remember; train until the body remembers not the mind!

Positive emotions are key to health, vitality, and robust immunity. That’s also the Qigong view, and it’s the key to extraordinary healing.

The Benefits

The benefits outway the mental banter we have when it comes to the effort needed to be good at what we do.

Qigong works with frequency and vibration. Every emotion has a special signature and special frequency. These specific frequencies influence specific systems in your body. This positive influence is what creates such a beautiful feeling and complete healing.

These exercises once learned can also bring about increased muscular efficiency and coordination, improved breathing and blood flow, greater flexibility, a higher level of internal balance and harmony, and an improved immune system.

Qigong is now regarded within the Chinese health and medical science fields as “a shining pearl in Traditional Chinese Medicine”. It has helped millions of people with severe and lingering health problems to improve their health.

The Healing

Both the Instructor and the Client Benefit;

Increase muscle strength and flexibility

Improve lower back pain

Encourage blood circulation

Helps to combat stress and depression

Better functioning of internal organs, beneficial to people suffering from Diabetes, Heart Problem, and Kidney problems

Reduce high blood pressure

Improvement of mental attitude and power of perception as well as overall physical fitness

Improvement of the flexibility of joints, thus beneficial to people with Arthritis.

Reduce the loss of Calcium thus improve bone density, thus beneficial to people suffering from Osteoporosis

The cardiovascular and respiratory functions are markedly improved.

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NB: Due to Cohvid, everyone is placed on a waiting list to be confirmed 24hrs prior to the event.

Payment will confirm attendance.

NB: Maximum 10 persons per option & cohvid protocols will apply.

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