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Creativity is change and adaptation. Our products and services have evolved. Evolutionary sustainable creativity. Offering bespoke access and delivery to resellers and the public. 

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Feiyue DaFu Evolves

Introducing the original DaFu branding to the original Feiyue shoe. The old new face of Feiyue is DaFu! Ensuring access to your favorite authentic training shoe. The company initially got into shoemaking because it saw an opportunity to turn excess rubber into shoes.

Feiyue Dafu Shoes

The first product is rolled out in the 1940s, a line of military shoes called Jiefang, or “liberation,” named after the People’s Liberation Army.

Feiyue Dafu Shoes

The design dates back to the 1950s, when a Chinese tire company called Dafu Rubber started making consumer shoes.

Product & Services

Collaboration between Lifestyle and Health. Finding the balance seems to be a lifelong journey. Finding a Zen lifestyle is obtainable through our bespoke product and services. 

Map Me Healthy

A map is reflected in every aspect of our living world. This connect, of human, man, and nature play a big part in our vitality and health preservation.

Medicine Food

Foods bolster our immune systems. They also provide vital nutrients that are essential in amplifying every process and function of the mind and body.

Mind Body Beauty

Prevention is better than the cure. Elevate longevity and the understanding of balance. Amplify living in the moment.

Food Is Medicine

Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is good for both mind and body. 

Creative Blog

Creativity is inherent to us all. Join us in our conversations as we explore the things that please and antagonize. Enjoy our explorative journey. 

Feiyue DaFu

Sudden price changes explained. Changing the way we do business. Bespoke services for Feiyue DaFu brand.Thank YouCourier prices have surged dramatically and has affected all international trade due to the cohvid pandemic and of course; USA-China trade issues;...


A singular point manifested throughout multiple actions to grasp a singular manifestation.Time For SelfFinding time for Self. A singular point manifested throughout multiple actions to grasp a singular manifestation. Find that inner thread that suspends, centers and...

Creative Team

Amanda renders all the creative direction and technical work when undertaking and creating an intersection of technology, nature, martial arts, health, and ethics both in SA and abroad.

Anahita is the next generation collaborative visionary; rendering her upcoming initiatives by merging Bio-Technology, beauty science, style creative, art, martial arts, and health.

Amanda Lan

Amanda Lan

Creative Owner

Anahita Lan

Anahita Lan

Style Beauty Creative

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